RE C (CHILDREN) (2016)

The High Court could invoke its inherent jurisdiction to prevent a parent with parental responsibility from registering their child with the forename of their choice. The power was to be exercised only in the most extreme cases where the parent's choice of forename gave rise to reasonable cause to believe that the child would suffer … Continue reading RE C (CHILDREN) (2016)


RE N (CHILDREN) (2016)

The court considered the proper approach to determining applications to transfer care proceedings to foreign courts under Regulation 2201/2003 art.15. The issues of whether a court was "better placed" to hear proceedings and whether transfer was in the "best interests" of the child were separate questions which had to be addressed separately. If a foreign … Continue reading RE N (CHILDREN) (2016)

ESSAY: Child Contact and Domestic Violence

Hello everyone, Please read and comment on our latest Essay on the LL4L site, under the ‘Articles and Essays’ page (or simply follow this link). The author wrote this essay during her final year of the LLB, in early 2014. The piece looks at whether child contact should be granted in cases of domestic violence, or whether … Continue reading ESSAY: Child Contact and Domestic Violence