Khoroshenko v. Russia (App no. 41418/04)

Human rights – ECHR Art 8 – a prison regime which entailed restrictions on the types, frequency and duration of visits of family members involved an interference with family life – it was an essential part of a prisoner’s right to family life that he was permitted to maintain contact with close family members   Citation: … Continue reading Khoroshenko v. Russia (App no. 41418/04)



A judge had been wrong to find that he did not have the power to extend a spousal maintenance period. The original order had not excluded the wife's right to apply for such an extension, and on the evidence the application to extend had been made prior to the payment term ending. The wife appealed … Continue reading MARY PATRICIA MUTCH v JAMES MUTCH (2016)

ESSAY: Child Contact and Domestic Violence

Hello everyone, Please read and comment on our latest Essay on the LL4L site, under the ‘Articles and Essays’ page (or simply follow this link). The author wrote this essay during her final year of the LLB, in early 2014. The piece looks at whether child contact should be granted in cases of domestic violence, or whether … Continue reading ESSAY: Child Contact and Domestic Violence