R v O’BRIEN (2016)

At the appellant's trial for a joint enterprise robbery the judge had been entitled to admit evidence of a co-accused's guilty plea. Although there was CCTV footage which showed that only the appellant could have been involved with the co-accused, the plea had not removed the appellant's defence and, in any event, the jury would … Continue reading R v O’BRIEN (2016)

Case Summary: R v JOGEE : R v RUDDOCK (2016)

What do you think of this article? Let us know by leaving a comment below! If you like this Lawtel case summary and would like to read more cases like this, subscribe to this website, like this post and leave a comment! The doctrine of parasitic accessory liability, laid down by the Privy Council in … Continue reading Case Summary: R v JOGEE : R v RUDDOCK (2016)